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Four generations of Hoffmanns have lived and prospered in Greenhills, Ohio, a wonderful little greenbelt community built in the late 1930s  by the Roosevelt administration along with two other greenbelt communities.   Three generations still live here.   A second generation Hoffmann is mayor.  Three Hoffmanns, including our newest member, Tom, are officers on the Greenhills volunteer fire department.  

Our Members

Six of the second generation Hoffmanns have pursued careers in Information Systems.   Three of these six are founding members of The Hoffmann Group, Ltd:  Paul, Denis and Mary. Our fourth and fifth members, Tom (a software developer and electrical engineer) and his wife, Shelli (a Hoffmann by marriage and a CPA by profession)  are the proud parents of three of the fourth generation Hoffmanns, Chelsea, Nick and Benjamin who was born January 9, 1999. The company hopes to recruit additional Hoffmann members as retirements or our company success permits.  Right now, as a start up, we are just trying to make ends meet--but having fun doing it.