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The Hoffmann Group, Ltd. is a five member, family staffed, Ohio-based Limited Liability Company specializing in Microsoft Visual Basic solutions to general  business problems. Members have combined experience of more than 90 years in systems development on platforms ranging from the mainframe to PCs. 

The purpose of our web-site is not so much for marketing as to establish an internet presence.  We have designed this site ourselves in just a couple of days using Microsoft FrontPage98.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to build robust  system solutions for our clients at a modest price in a timely and professional manner,  all the while enjoying the satisfaction that comes from working with family members and achieving family goals.

Company Profile

Have you ever wondered about starting your own small family business?  Have   you dreamt about cutting out some of the big business red tape and administrivia and being able to concentrate on getting real work done?   Well, that's exactly what we did when we organized our company in April of 1997.   

Our focus is on developing quality business solutions (in Visual Basic Version 5.0 & later) for customers who know that they need outside help but can't afford to pay the price or wait the time that large solution-builders often demand.

Contact Information

If you are a Cincinnati area business with a need for quality Visual Basic 5 business solutions, we may be able to help.  Give us a call to see whether we can work out a mutually beneficial business solution.

Postal address
34 Andover Road
Cincinnati, OH  45218